Graphite Ore Mining Process

Graphite Ore Beneficiation Process


The graphite mining processes are mainly gravity separation process, froth flotation process, electric separation process and the combination process. And froth flotation process is the main graphite ore processing method. Generally, 90%-97% grade of graphite concentrate can be obtained after the graphite flotation process. For the different graphite ore properties, the graphite mining processes are also different.


Graphite mining processes are mainly applied in the various graphite ore with different types of crystalline and graphite ore accompanied with silicate minerals, such as mica and pyrite.

【Process Description】

Vietnam Kra 800tpd Graphite Ore Processing Plant

1. Massive crystalline graphite mining process

For the massive crystalline graphite ore, because of the high-grade carbon in itself, finer particle sizes and the smaller reserves, we can adopt the traditional crushing and hand picking technology to take advantage of it. This graphite mining process has the advantages of simple production process and low production cost.

2. Flake graphite mining process

For the flake graphite ore, because of the higher, the purity is and the larger the flake is, the function and price are higher. Therefore, in the flake graphite mining process, it is important to adopt various measures to increase the large flake productivity and the graphite grade. The traditional flake graphite mining process is generally divided into stage ore grinding and stage classifying with good effect, but the worn situation is still serious. On the base of a wide absorption of the previous experience, the researchers have successively adopted the ultrasound intensify flotation process, classifying, without collectors, rapid flotation process and cut flocculation flotation process as the flake graphite ore processing method. It can get the corresponding result.

Xinhai usually applying multi-stage grinding and multi-stage flotation process to protect graphite flake from damaged. Applying multiple grinding and separation to meet the customer’s needs. Hydrocyclone can be used at the thickening stage, which keep the grinding density at 40% to 50% for better grinding efficiency. At the multi-flotation stage, No.2 oil, No.4 oil, ether glycol and butyl ether oil are the common foaming agents. As for collectors, mainly use kerosene, diesel oil, heavy oil, fat sulfonic acid ester, acid, etc.

3. Cryptocrystalline graphite mining process

For the cryptocrystalline graphite ore, the raw grade ore is generally 60%-80%. The particle sizes of the graphite are finer and the floatability is relatively bad. Therefore, it is difficult to be treated with the flotation process. At present, the cryptocrystalline graphite mining process is mainly by picking out, crushing and ore grinding to get the qualified products. Parts of it are treated with the flotation and chemical purification. In recent years, because the cryptocrystalline graphite ore has been hard to be floated, the researchers have adopted the hydrophobicity flocculation flotation and selective flocculation flotation to the graphite mining process, thus getting a better result.

For graphite ore accompanied with heavy minerals, Xinhai usually adopts the combined process of gravity separation and flotation. That is, separate the heavy minerals with gravity separation then process the heavy separation tailings with flotation method.


Vietnam 800tpd Graphite ore processing plant

Leptite was the main ore type of graphite in Vietnam, followed by graphite schist, the middle crystalline flake was the main graphite beneficial mineral. For qualified quality of concentrate, Xinhai technical staff made a comprehensive analysis of the raw ore property, decided to add a scavenging and a concentration on the basis of the prior graphite mining process. That was totally nine times grinding, one roughing separation, one scavenging and nine concentrating.

Through the mineral processing test before beneficiation, Xinhai technical staff made the conclusion that the graphite has great washability, so that the commonly used flotation process of single flotation and multi-stage grinding with multi-stage concentrating was feasible in technology, this process also characterized by simple reagents system, advanced and reliable beneficiation index. The program finally received 14.2% productively, and its fixed carbon content was 92.30%, the recovery rate reached 87.91%, which created huge economical and society profits, and received high praise from the partners.

【 Process Flow 】

Graphite Ore Mining Process Graphite Ore Mining Process

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